Wearing a messy bun.

I have few go to hair styles. My hair, even when I straightened it, does not work well in a pony tail. Because I have fine hair, I usually throw it up in a messy bun. Below you will find a video on how I do my messy bun. Enjoy!     https://youtu.be/WNsELdpHvxw


Etsy Find Review: Simply Curls Co

  One of my first clean hair finds was over a year ago on Etsy. I browse Etsy regularly because I love that there are so many small businesses at my finger tips. In a recent poll on my Instagram my followers said they wanted me to find more and here we are! There are [...]

Squish To Condish

If you are a committed curly girl, chances are that you have heard the term 'squish to condish'. If you haven't, it is a term used to describe how curly and wavy girls use conditioner to encourage curls in the shower. By using conditioner, the 'condish' and 'squish'-ing it in to get clumps of curls.  [...]

March Empties

Here are my most recent empties as of March 2018 https://youtu.be/Cd-Ba1vIhIQ Products Mentioned Flourish Natural Body Care Shampoo, Conditioner, Silky Mist Calia Shapoo & Conditioner Leave-In Conditioner, Conditioner, Bundle John Master's Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner Twelve Beauty Serum Akar Desert Rescue Face Oil Akar Lip Butter Jordan Samuel The After Show Treatment Cleanser Herbivore After [...]

Flourish Natural Body Care Brand Review

Flourish Natural Body Care has been an immediate favorite brand of mine. Not only is it a small, eco-conscious business that has great ingredients, it is woman owned and pretty affordable for what it offers compared to other green beauty brands.  I have purchased full sizes from samples and purchased repeat items so that told [...]

Flourish Curling Crème Review

The Flourish Natural Body Care Honey Blossom and Marshmallow Root Curling Crème is a lightweight cream ideal for fine hair. I had a hard time putting down my silkening serum but I wanted to figure this product out, properly. Curling creams for me are tricky. I have fine thin hair that can be weighed down. [...]

Flourish Silky Hydrating Mist Review

The Flourish Natural Body Care Silky Hydrating Serum is probably the biggest surprise to me in this line. I had originally received it with my first package from Kirsten in a sample size. Truthfully it sat on my shelf for a bit until I decided to use it. I had figured it would like any [...]