Art of Organics Box – February


Last week I received my February Art of Organics clean beauty box. This is the second month I have been subscribed and I have really loved getting these. Being very new to green beauty this has been a great opportunity for me to get exposed to brands and different beauty items I would not normal come across and honestly even know about.

art-of-organics-blog-004I love the presentation of their boxes, they always seems so well throughout. This month’s theme was ‘Radiant’. I am such a fan of the artwork they choose for the box. Last months box feature beautiful artwork of cactus. I live in the desert and after seeing that, I decided it was time to try this box out.

My makeup/skin/body care routine is very basic. Last month included body and face oil. Both items are something I have been using already in my routine but this month introduced some new items to my lineup. This month’s box featured two full size products.


The first full size product was the de Mamiel botaniques Dewy Facial Mist. It comes in this very nice deep violet, almost black glass bottle. It has a lovely fine misting spray to it which makes the application easy and very refreshing. The directions say to shake before use to ‘awaken the rose quartz’. Now I have only used this a handful of times so far but I’m enjoying it. Admittedly I’m a bit clueless when it comes to these facial sprays and how and when to use them. I’ve been applying this after cleansing but before moisturizing my face. I am not a fan of rose scented products in the least. This product does smell of roses, however I am actually enjoying this scent. It isn’t over powering and actually comes off as a very light. This does seem to give a dewy glow to the face in a very subtle way. I love a dewy make up look so this fits in nicely to my makeup routine. This bottle retails for $70.


This second product I’ve heard a lot about from many beauty bloggers. It is the Henne Organics Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator. This also comes in glass, which I really love. It is quite dense a product. This is my first experience with a lip exfoliator so I am not sure if this is typical. The sugar granules are rather thick and coarse. It comes in this beautiful light pink color. It is another rose product but I don’t really notice a scent.  I found the application easy.  You don’t seem to need much for each use which is nice as this retails for $24. Earlier in the year I decided to start trying to wear lipstick as I have always just done a gloss or a balm. This came in very handy and just in time as I discovered just how gross peel-y looking lips can look in lipstick. I was also happy to find my lips feeling soft and rather conditioned ever a couple days after use. I am excited to compare this to other brands and even how it compares to a DIY lip scrub.


All in all I am very pleased with this months box. This one proves to be high end and quite luxurious to me. I love getting to try these types of brands and products. The box costs $39 but the value is over $90. I loved these both but I wouldn’t repurchase these in this step of my green beauty journey. I am thinking I should probably build up my makeup collection as I have only one eye shadow pallet and its about 3 years old….yikes.

You can get 15% off your first month. I like this subscription box because you can buy one month and go month by month. To find out more or to get this months box, go to


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