My Naturally Curly Hair 

I get asked all the time about my curly hair. Truth be told my hair and I have not always gotten along. For many years I straightening my hair out of frustration and ignorance of how to do it. About 10 years ago that started to change. As of 6 months ago, I think I’ve figured it out! Most recently I got a trim, stopped using heat, and moisturizing like crazy.

I’ve have been following some really great curly girls on youtube and instagram. I could never find a curly girl with curls like mine so it has been a lot of trial and error. Below is a little before and after.

The products I use are mostly Deva Curl products. They are sulfate and paraben free but unfortunately not as ‘clean’ as I would like. I am going to start looking into more green products. Hopefully I can find some that compare.

Currently my routine goes like this: I shampoo my hair with a sulfate free shampoo and I follow it up with a nice thick conditioner. I usually use something from Acure Organics or  Shea Mositure.I then flip my hair upside down to rinse and detangle with my fingers. This is when I begin to scrunch my hair to encourage the curls. I usually use a thinner conditioner like Yes To Coconuts during this step to make sure my hair is really hydrated but not weighed down. When then shower is off I continue to scrunch and scrunch till I get the water out and to encourage the curls. Now comes my products. Still upside down I apply Deva Curl Wave Maker using the praying hands method to ensure it gets distributed evenly. Then I follow that up with the Deva Curl Gel. I scrunch until I know it’s all distributed. I then scrunch out the excess water and product using an old tshit or a micro fiber towel. After that I let it dry. Once totally dry I scrunch out any cast the gel might have left and I use a pick at my roots to add volume! I have a couple other routines I use, but this one is my most frequent. My second day curls are usually much better. I just wake up, spritz with water, and go.

This lady Hi F3licia has helped me so much. She has some awesome tips and routines. I would love to hear about some non-toxic, green products you use and how they are working out for you.




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