Toxic Beauty

I am still very new to green/eco/clean beauty. Very simply, there are tons of chemicals used in everyday products. The dangers of chemicals in skincare and makeup is that 80% of what we put on our body, is absorbed into it. This can affect our hormones and allergies, trigger eczema, cause skin and eye irritation, the list goes on.

The market is ever expanding with clean products which is very exciting! But with poor regulations in the United States over words on products like ‘all natural’ or ‘safe’, we have to be even more vigilant when choosing products that actually are clean and safe.

There are two apps you can download that are very helpful. They are Think Dirty and the EWG’s Healthy Living. For those unfamiliar EWG stands for the Environmental Working Group. They are a great organization that seeks to empower people with knowledge about chemicals, companies, and products. Each of these apps have different rating standards sat first it was a little confusing to me. They both have a 0-10 rating scale with 10 being the worst rating. However, I had entered the same product in both apps and got two very different results.  Below are the results for the Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel:


The first results were from Think Dirty. It gave an overall score of a 9 due to fragrance. That was the only ingredient that was rated so high, the rest were all rated 5 and below.The Healthy Living App, by EWG, had the overall score at a 4. It also had fragrance rated high, but at an 8. The rest of the ingredients were rated 4s and below. Clearly, both apps weigh ingredients very differently. I will continue to use both these apps as a guide. There are several products I am looking to try out that have very low rating in both apps. The general rule is the fewer ingredients, ones you can actually you can pronounce, the better.

In the future I plan on featuring  a blog on specific chemicals. Which774.- to look out for and why. I would like to be able to be knowledgeable enough to simply look at an ingredient and know if it is safe or not and why, without an app.


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