Free Love Beauty Illuminating Oil

I am on the verge of my first repeat green beauty buy! It is the Free Love Beauty Lovechild Illuminating Oil. I found them while browsing on Instagram and decided I had to try their products out. They have four oils that they offer at this time. All seem to work well for hair, face, and body depending on the look you want. The first is the Moonchild Restorative Oil. This oil is for added moisture and to help your skin and hair. It has organic pomegranate oil, organic hemp seed oil, and lavender essential oi. All great for hair and skin. The second oil is one of three of their illuminating oils. All three oils have organic grapeseed oil and organic rosehip oil as a base.  First is their Wildchild Illuminating Oil. This oil to me is like a liquid highlighter as it gives off, as they describe, an ‘icy turquoise glow’. Admittedly I did not even know what highlighter was or what it was for 2 months ago. I am now very familiar and I love highlighter so I will be purchasing in the near future.  This one is next on my list to purchase. The next illuminating oil is called Lovechild Illuminating Oil. This oil also gives a glow but has a pink tone to its color. The last oil, and the one I have been using the last two months, is their Sunchild Illuminating Oil. This oil is similar to the Lovechild but its tone is more honey golden so that sun kissed look.


Here you can see how this oil shimmers and the honey golden pigmentation it has. This oil is not too oily and absorbs really well. The makeup I use over this is W3ll People’s foundation stick. It is a cream foundation but I find that it is much easier to apply over an oil like this one. This is also a nice addition to your routine if you really like that natural, dewy glow.


The picture to the left is the oil spread but not fully blended out yet. I just wanted to show how this oil reflects in sunlight. On the right is the product totally blended out on half my arm. You can see how it just compliments the skin giving it that nice even warmth of color and glow. Perfect to wear alone especially when you are on the go.

This has become a holy grail product for me. I was very confused at first about the difference in each of their products when I was choosing which to purchase. Lauren, the owner and creator, responded back to my questions so quickly. She was very helpful and so friendly. Now that I know what these products are for my questions were rather silly but she was more than accommodating. I am more than happy to support her and her wonderful products.

You can check out her etsy shop by clicking the link FreeLoveBeauty.




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