February Favorites

I have been having a lot of fun trying out new products for my hair and skin, especially new brands.

My first favorite for Feb is not beauty related, directly anyways. It is Matcha Love’s Organic Green Tea Powder. I know I am late to the game on this as I’ve been hearing about it everywhere. Matcha is a finely ground tea   that you have to wisk into your water. After reading that green tea is full of antioxidants, has vitamins and minerals, and can promote many other health benefits I thought I would throw it in the mix. It does have a grassy taste to it but I enjoy it the way I’ve been preparing it. I’ve been mixing it in water and coconut milk for a latte of sorts. Very good and healthy! Make sure you opt for organic to avoid consuming pesticides. 

Second on my February favorites list is Free Love Beauty’s Sunchild Illuminating Oil. My last blog post was all about them. If you haven’t read it you can check it out here. It’s such a great oil with beautiful ingredients that leave a nice even glow with some Illuminating pigmingation. The current one I use is almost like a tinted oil that gives you a glow.  I foresee this  being the only thing I wear as far as makeup this summer. Check them out.

Next up is W3ll People’s Expressionist Mascara. I also blogged about this one before  and you can read that here. I am loving it more and more. The astheticts of the packaging is so very nice. Especially compared to their old packaging. I love everything I have tried in their line but personally mascara is one beauty product I can’t live without. This particular one is EWG certified, non-toxic, and clean. It gives full, beautiful, natural looking  lashes without clumping.  Best part also is they are now available at Target!

My next favorite is one I have had for awhile. It is Giovanni’s Hair Styling Foam. I had tried this in the middle of figuring out how exactly to get my curls like I wanted. For years I have used a gel. It wasn’t until I went back to gel after using the foam then tried the foam out again that I really paid attention and noticed the difference. My hair is somewhere between curly and wavy. I have fine hair and not a lot of it. Unfortunately it is easily weighed down. It has been a hard balance to strike between hold and moisture. I love big voluminous hair so when I went back to this, after trial and error, it was a home run. This states it has medium to firm hold and it sure does. I have been able to get away with three days of not washing, only spritzing with water, and still maintaining clean, soft, defined curls. I haven’t been this impressed with other foams. I’m happy to have this in the mix. For those interested it rates a 4 on the EWG website. I am trying to get ally hair products to a zero but I’ll take a 4.

img_0650.jpgLast, but most certainly not least, is Kaelen Harwell’s Essential Day & Night Cream. She lives locally and I came across her line at my local Natural Grocers. I have been eyeing the line for some time and finally decided on this cream. This cream smells heavenly! It has this gorgeous orange scent to it that is light and fruitful but not overdone. It’s just thick enough for a day  or night cream. I always use a bit more at night than I would in the day and it accommodates nicely. This is also a nontoxic, clean beauty product that my skin just loves. Its first ingredient is aloe and it is full of antioxidants including astaxanthin which is apparently 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C. I was happy to see her line is available online and in other store around the area and in other states. 

That sums up my February favorites. I do have a post coming up of some disappointing products I’ve tried recently. What were some of your favorites and disappointments from last month? What are you looking to try out in the future? 


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