Lets Talk Lipsticks!

caps off

I am never one to make New Years Resolutions but this year I did. Not as a resolution really, but as a new goal: to wear lipstick. I have always been a balm or a gloss kind of gal. So I decided I needed to grow up and try wearing lipstick. I have always loved it, just not on me. I have accumulated a little collection since the start of my goal. At first glance, as I gathered these all together, they all look like the same shade. I obviously have a type. I do like neutrals pinks and nudes. It may take me a little while to branch out from natural looking colors.

coola swatchThe first one I picked up was Coola’s Tinted Mineral Lip Balm. I start slow ok? This mostly caught my eye because of the packaging. I love the brushed metal cap and that you have to twist it open. I also new this was a pretty clean brand. I got it in the shade Tan Line. This has SPF30 in it. The color is a warm coral. I think this looks nice in the summer months when I can rock a tan and little to no makeup. This is perfect for being outside but needing that sun protection on your lips with a little something extra, with build-ability if so desired.  This does however contain Titanium Dioxide, if that is something you avoid. This lip balm is cruelty free and organic. I found this at Ulta.Retails for $18.

Quick note about Titanium Dioxide as it shows up in a few of these lipsticks. Titanium Dioxide scores a 1-3 depending on use on EWG’s website. It is used as a sun screen agent. It seems to be more of a concern when it is aerosolized and/or inhaled. This is an inorganic product but according to their website have low skin penetration. I actually did not know about this at all until I started researching for this blog post. I can see why some people choose to avoid it and some do not. Either way I find it interesting to know when making makeup choices….read those labels!

100% pure swatchMy most recent addition is the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in the color Sultry. This lip glaze is avocado and cocoa butter based. It goes on smooth and you can really smell the fruit! It’s a very pleasant smell that isn’t overpowering at all like with synthetic fragrances. This has a very buttery texture to it and is very nourishing to the lips. This color is a nude pink on the coral side. It is very pigmented. If my lips are even a touch dry or chapped the pigmentation accentuates it so I always make sure I apply a lip scrub before wearing this one. I found this at Beauty Brands. This retail for $25 and it is organic, cruelty free, and vegan.

vapour swtachMy next one isn’t a true lipstick, it’s Vapour’s Multi Use Stick. This one is in the color Eros. I mostly use this on my cheeks for blush but I do use it when I need to add a little color to my lips. This color is more of a pink mauve. This is a perfect color for my natural look look because it plays up the color I already have and doesn’t look like makeup. I love using the multiple ways. I’ve even throw it on as an eye shadow. I acquired this stick on their website. Vapour is an organic, and cruelty free brand. It does states on their ingredients that it may contain* Titanium Dioxide. This retails for $36 and I could only find it online.


juice swatchThis next one I got with my very first Petit Vour Box in December. It’s Juice Beauty’s Phyto-Pigments Luminous Lip Crayon in the color Salinas. This color is the darkest of the bunch for me but luckily it’s is more sheer. This one is described as a ‘rosy brown’.  It first goes on light but it is very buildable so if I’m looking to go for a bolder, for me anyhow, lip I can achieve that look. It’s almost like a lip tint as it adds color but doesn’t have much slip to it. I think that helps me get it to last longer.This retails for $22. It has organic ingredients and is vegan and cruelty free. On the ingredients list is does also state that it ‘May Contain Titanium Dioxide’.

honest co swatchMy last one is my go to as of late. It is the Honest Company’s Sheep Lipstick Crayon. I got this at Ulta in the color Chestnut Kiss. This is another rosey brown but t is more on the brown side. It has a higher gloss than the Juice Beauty and has a bit more shimmer. This one feels closer to a gloss than a lipstick which is why I gravitate towards it. Honest Beauty is cruelty free but not vegan as it contains beeswax. This also states on its ingredients list that it ‘May Contain Titanium Dioxide’. I do like this color a lot. It isn’t very pigmented and I need to reapply often but I think this is the most natural looking color in the bunch.

full swatches

In reading up on all these brands and products it seems that 100% Pure is truly the purest of the brands on this list. However all these brands are by far cleaner than a majority of the ones we comes across at Target, CVS, Ulta, etc. and are great options that mostly available at stores nears you. What are some of your favorite brands and shades?


*the ‘may contain’ is label verbiage that I am still looking into and trying to understand fully. Once I understand it, you will bethe first to know. It is a process!


5 thoughts on “Lets Talk Lipsticks!

    1. I have heard of them! I’ll have to check them out. I always hear about their mascara oddly enough, I forgot about their lipstick! Thanks!!

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      1. I have heard very mixed reviews about their mascara (the newly relaunched one)- I’ve heard it it isn’t super thickening which is a big issue for me haha. But I have several of their lipsticks and love them!


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