Clean Curly Product Review: Cheeky Curls

In my mission to find cleaner curly products I came across this brand, Cheeky Curls. I was browsing on Etsy and searched ‘organic’ and ‘curly’. Many items came up but this brand caught my eye because of their packaging. While browsing their store I noticed they had sample boxes for sale which included three different products for roughly $34. A few clicks and a few days later the box was in my hands. I was so anxious to try them out.

The packaging was so well thought out, professional, and just downright cute! I have spent lots of time researching curly hair so after years, I finally know what to do. But, when I saw the Cheeky Curl Tips insert, I was so impressed. It has great tips that are easy to follow, incorporates their products and how to use them, and is such a great tool to keep or to pass on to someone you know who doesn’t know how to do their curly hair.  It even included a little hand written note from the owner thanking me and offering her help if needed. What a beautiful, thoughtful touch.

Their tagline is ‘Naturally Curly, Organically Sassy’. This made me chuckle. Isn’t every curly girl sassy or is it just me? In researching all their ingredients they all look really clean, mostly organic, and very high quality. The list of they ingredients do not include in their product is almost as long as what they do, which is pretty cool.

I first tried their Lemon Drop Curl Custard. This almost looks like a gel but isn’t as thick. It has a very mild lemon scent. It has a nice amount of slip to it as well. After I shampooed and conditioned I applied this to my wet, detangled hair liberally using the praying hands method with my head upside down and then scrunching it all it. I usually use a cream cream but I decided to leave it out and only use the custard to get s real feel of the product. I then air dried for a few and defused until dry with low heat.

Above are pictures of my hair wet, after styling, second day hair (middle pic), and third day hair. So obviously, wow. I should mention that I just sleep with my hair down, not protected in a pineapple or anything. This had amazing hold while leaving my hair voluminous and bouncy. To refresh my curls I usually just spritz it with water to let my flat curls reshape. But for second day I used the Rose Volumnizing Spray to refresh my curls instead of water. This worked out very nicely, as you can see. I feel as this spray is almost a texturizer the way it finished and feels once dry. This worked for my second day hair. I should mention that the spray bottle itself is very nice. It gives out an even fine mist that I hope translates to their larger bottles too. For the third day I spritzed my hair with water and reapplied a little more of the custard. Both ways worked well.

After those three days I then washed my hair again, as I usually only wash about 1-2 times a week. This time only using the Cosmopolitan Curl Whip. Here are my results:

This product did not work as well for me as the custard did. This product is thicker and heavier than other cream type products that I use.  Even when dry it seemed to still look wet/oily. This does seem like it would work really well for the right hair type. For me, by the end of the day, my hair looked a bit greasy. I had to wash my hair the next day and  then I went back to using the custard again, alone, and my hair came out just as well as the first time I tried the custard.

Above are the second time I tried the curl whip. This wash I didn’t condition as much as normal. Turned out better but still by the end of the day it ended up looking a bit oily. As you can see again still looks a little wet when fully dry. I think this would work well for someone who’s hair is probably curlier and thicker than mine.  Although it was very moisturizing it didn’t seem to weigh my hair down at all which was very surprising. My husband and a friend commented that my hair looked shorter even. This leads me to believe this is a great product, just not for my hair unfortunately.

Overall I am so impressed with the brand. The owner is so wonderful, you can tell she puts a lot of thought and time into her products. I am happy to have found Cheeky Curls. I love that it’s a small business too. Their custard has most definitely replaced the gel I was using. I will be using the spray regularly as well. I am excited to mix this around with other products and see what I get. The sample box is a great way to try their products. I got more than a few uses out of each and I still have plenty.  Try them out!


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