My Current Skincare Routine

I have to admit that it wasn’t until this past year, even within the last 6  months, I actually started having a skincare “routine”. I would honestly fall asleep without washing my face most of the time or even taking off my makeup. I have never had blemish or acne issues so I never felt the need to have a routine. Now blazing into my 30s, I realize I need to take better care of my skin. My sister actually kept bugging me to wash my makeup off which is really how I started looking into healthy beauty products. I used to use just the same Dr. Bronner’s soap on my face as I was using on my body but then I jumped down the rabbit hole of  green/eco beauty. All the products I use are clean non-toxic products. Many are organic or have a lot of organic ingredients in them. I am trying new products all the time but this is the routine I have been always finding myself going back to.

face cleanserNourish Organic’s Face Cleanser was the first product I picked up. The USDA Organic symbol caught my eye. Looked clean to me. Thankfully it is a very clean product considering I hardly researched it at the time. I have been toying around with other cleansers but I still go back to  this one. It is unscented, gentle, and leaves my skin feeling clean yet not stripped and dry. This gets my makeup off decently well although I don’t wear much. I haven’t really found any natural cleanser that takes off my mascara completely. That doesn’t bother me at all so I usually use coconut oil on my eyes if I really want to get it off.

IMG_0812About once or twice a week I exfoliate my skin with Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub. I kept seeing this all over the green beauty blogs and channels on youtube so I decided to pick it up. It is available all over and I always see the sample sizes at Target. This is a very affordable product, full size is about $10.00. This feels like the consistency of sand and comes out a deep green as it has chlorella in it. It is gentle but works great. I have some dry pathes around my temples and my chin, this clears that right up. It isn’t too abrasive at all.

img_0650Depending on the weather and how my skin is feeling, I either use a cream or an oil to moisturize my face. When I use a cream, I use Kaelen Harwell’s Essential Day & Night Cream. This cream is the perfect consistency, it is just thick enough and smells amazing. It has a wonderful orange cream type scent to it. I will use a light amount under my makeup if I am wearing it at during the day. At night I will use a liberal amount. This is very moisturizing but not over done at all. I have skin on the dryer side and this is just right. My favorite part is the smell.


When my face is extra dry and I use an oil, I was just using Nourish Organic’s Argan Oil blend but since I ran out I have been using the Acure Seriously Glowing Facial Serum. This oil is a medium consistency with a hint of a citrus smell to it. It is just perfect for my dry skin when I need something a little heavier than a cream. My skin has really loved this. I noticed my skin looking a bit more even since implementing this oil into my routine. I use 2-3 pumps of this each time. So far I don’t seem to run through this too quickly. When I apply this I like to wait at least 10 minutes before applying makeup. If I am using it at night before bed I use 3 pumps and call it a night.

I didn’t have problem skin before but now I am noticing my skin is more even and much more consistent.  I have recently started trying facial masks, facial sprays, and under eye treatments. That is a whole other blog post in itself but my skin has been loving the extra attention and I have been enjoying the extra time I have been spending on myself. I always avoided skincare as it seemed more of a hassle than anything but I have really enjoyed the ritual of taking care of my skin and in turn taking some time for me.

What is apart of your everyday routine? Anything I am missing in mine that you would suggest?


4 thoughts on “My Current Skincare Routine

  1. great blog! I’m a skin care junkie! love using moisturizer, serums, oils and creams. However I’ve noticed that the older I get the more sensitive my skin is. I need to find the perfect product and just stick with it. The last product I used was from the Lancome line and it gave me a really bad dermatitis. I’m going to look into these products, thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! All the products I mention are clean, organic, many vegan, try them out. Let me know how they work out for you!!


    2. Thanks! There are some awesome, clean products that have awesome ingredients. It’s knowing where to find them! So much junk to go through to find the good ones. Thanks for reading 🙂


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