Whole Foods Beauty Bag

wfbDuring the end of March Whole Foods had an in store beauty bag promotion. You could get $90 worth of samples of products they have in their store for only $18. They announced it on their Instagram story and obviously I needed it. Luckily snatched up one of the last ones. The items came in an adorable organic cotton bag made by Piece and Co. The inside is even cuter than the outside. I will be putting this bag to use! Inside came 11 beauty items, many of which by brands I have been looking to try. I have gotten to try each one at least a few times and I wanted to give you my thoughts on each one. Get ready, this is a longer blog post because  there was so much stuff! I will list their toxicity ratings. Just because it’s from Whole Foods, doesn’t mean I don’t still do my homework. For reference: EWG’s rating is 1-2 low hazard, 3-4 moderate, and 7-10 high. On Think Dirty 0-3 is no risk, 4-7 potential moderate,

017The first one is by evanhealy. I was most excited about trying this brand out as I have seen them before and heard about them a couple times. This is their Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm, full size. Now if you have been following me at all you know my ‘problem area’ is my under eyes so this was a nice addition. At first I wasn’t in love with the fact that it applies like a lip balm, this was new to me. At first it was hard to apply but once I used it a couple times it was actually pretty nice to use as an eye treatment before bed. It is nice and thick. I had never seen an eye balm like that but I am enjoying it. I don’t think that I will use it before makeup as it takes some time to soak in, but that’s what I like about it. Perfect for a night treatment. This is a certified USDA Organic product. This isn’t listed on EWG’s site but all their products that are on the site score a 2 or a 1.

019The second one is by Trilogy, a sample of the CoQ10 Booster Oil. It’s an antioxidant treatment you apply on your skin to boost radiance and collagen. It has a peppery smell to it. I have been adding a couple drops of it to my moisturizer. I haven’t notice a difference yet but its packed with great ingredients. It scores a 3 on the EWG site.

013The next product was a sample size Whole Foods Market brand hand cream. This boasts 20% shea butter and enriched with argan and olive oil. All the ingredients look pretty clean as it is not listed on EWG or Think Dirty. This is Peony, Mint, and Blackberry. It does have a berry scent to it that isn’t strong at all, its very subtle. This doesn’t leave your hands oily at all and my hands are left feeling soft. I am more partial to balms for my hands or oils as I live in the desert so I don’t think I would purchase this product.

022There was only two makeup products in this bag. The first is a full size of the Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara. This is EWG verified product, that doesn’t give a score so I’m guessing a…..zero? This actually applies pretty nicely. I’m partial to the silicon mascara brush instead of the bristle like this one. It gives good volume without clumping. 

021Also in this bag was the Derma-e hyaluronic acid hydrating night cream. I keep hearing now great that is for  your skin so I was excited to try it out. There is no scent to this product at all. At first I did not like how long it took to apply and get into my skin. To be fair I just oil cleansed my face (which is proving to throw a wrench into everything I want to put on my face after I oil cleanse). Once I finally got it in right away I noticed how smooth my face felt. This was lovely. Unfortunately this scores a 5 on EWG.org so if I purchase hyaluronic acid again, I will look for a cleaner version.

012The second makeup product in the bunch is a full size lipstick by Pacifica. It is in the color Tenderness which is a mauve/nude color. I was excited as I love nudes but this one did not look good on me. It has a coconut scent to it that I wasn’t crazy about. I thought this would wear similar to the 100% lipstick I have but sadly it did not. This product is not listed on the EWG site. It doesn’t show up on the Think Dirty app either but their other lip makeup products do and they mostly score a 3 and below.

dscn16351.jpgI have yet to be disappointed by a product by Andalou Naturals so I was excited to see they were included in the bag. It was a travel size of their cleansing milk. It is a 1 on the EWG site. I am loving cleansing milks and creams more than oils or soaps. This doesn’t lather and has a lovely smell to it.

018Another product was a sample of the Weleda Almond Facial Lotion.  I have never tried this brand and I always see the face food all over the blogs. I don’t love the scent to it, its got the no scent scent to it, does that even make sense? It has a medium consistency to it.

008Next (I know, I know it is never ending, just a few more) is the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel. I have liked the products I have tried of Juice Beauty so far. This is the first skin care product of  their as I have only tried their makeup. This specific product did not come up on EWG but the brand scores a 1-2.

020The most enjoyable so far is the Dr. Hauschka’s Facial Toner. I was bummed to see  this rated a 5 on EWG. I love the scent of this product, and that’s actually what made it rated a 5, the fragrance. The mist on this bottle is so amazing, I love applying it. I am really digging facial mists these days. It absorbs well and I rather enjoy it.

010Last but most certainly not least is from Acure. Acure Organics is another wonderful clean brand I have yet to be disappointed by. This was a travel size of their Red Clay Facial Masks. This came just in time and I am starting to try new masks. The smell on this is different, it has a slightly sweet smell to it. This wasn’t on the EWG site but the company as a whole is rated 1-3 per EWG. This clay mask was not drying as I hear many can be.

There you have it! This all in all was a great by. I got to try a lot of new products and brands for only $18. I love being able to sample new products and brands. It is nice ti know what works and what doesn’t before you commit. I love that Whole Foods offered this and I am so glad I got to take advantage. What are some brands and products that you love that are at available at Whole Foods? Did you get a chance to snatch up the beauty bag?



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