Upcoming YouTube Series: Curly 101

Next week I will be starting a series on curly hair; Curly Hair 101. I will be going through all the basics of curly hair. Some of the video topics will include washing, styling, maintaining, and trouble shooting.

A little about me; I have fine, thin hair that varies from wavy to curly. My issues include volume, and balancing length and volume. It has been 2 full months since  have straighten my hair. The longer I go the healthier and curlier my hair has gotten.

Some things to consider before we jump into the series are what are you hair goals, and what products do you currently use? Minimally you can start by excluding all products that have parabens, sulfates, and silicons. Lets  think about what goals we have in mind for our hair. Are you going to continue to straighten your hair but wear it curly once in a while? Or are you going to jump all in and commit to giving your hair what it needs and wear it natural? Either decision is fine but those have different outcomes so just be aware.

What issues do you have with your hair that you would like to address? Have you already started your curly hair journey or are you looking for advice on how to get going? Subscribe to my channel and follow me on instrgram so you don’t miss it!


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