April Empties

Here are some recent empties of mine. In the video I discuss the same points I do here but I do go into other products that I am passing along to my sister that did not work so well for me and a couple I loved that I wanted her to try.



The first couple is my Nourish Organic. I have talked about before but have finally totally finished them. I would love to find something similar to the skin solve by another company. This melts to oil in my hands but I can keep this in my purse or pocket at work and I don’t feel like I have a bottle of oil in my pocket so this is perfect as I  prefer oils over lotions. The Argan Oil is great good price and a good buy. This is unscented nothing particularly notable. I love the brand and it is so easy to find in store.



DSCN1911Next couple is from Acure.  The first is a staple to many a beauty blogger. It is the Acure Brightening Facial Scrub. This is a physical exfoliator that I really enjoy. This is my third bottle of this. I seem to pick up the trial size instead of the full size for some reason. This full size is a great by at about $10. This trial size has lasted me as I only use it once a week at the most for my dry skin. This comes out a dark green color due to the chlorella and has a gritty consistency similar to sand. I don’t find this to be very abrasive but I do tend to use a light hand as I rub it in.

DSCN1912 (2)

The next from Acure is the Seriously Glowing Facial Serum. I have really enjoyed using this oil as we head into the hot dry months here. This is a light oil that absorbs well. It has a very light citrus scent to it that is very clean and refreshing. I recently recommended this to a friend and she commented that she thought it would be heavy but it absorbed very well for her too. I would repurchase this but I am interest in trying their other oils.


DSCN1907I have a couple products from Evolvh that I got in a Petit Vour box awhile back. I have heard a lot about this brand. This is a clean brand that is more luxury. I was anxious to try this as I do have this available at a store near me and from what I read online are nontoxic and  . I really enjoyed the shampoo and I am usually indifferent to shampoo.  This shampoo has a beautiful scent that I really enjoy but that isn’t over powering. I got about 3 uses of shampoo out of this trial size bottle. The conditioner on the other hand I wasn’t as impressed. Having curly hair I need a to use a lot of conditioner and I need it to be fairly moisturizing. I needed about the whole bottle for one use and I didn’t get that slip that I need from a conditioner to help me detangle. This conditioner would probably fair very well for someone with oily hair. My hair is on the drier side so this didn’t work as well.

DSCN1909I have written and blog about this product plenty. It is the Free Love Beauty Sunchild Illuminating Oil. Watch the video to heard more and see my attempt to swatch it (some better lighting would have been more helpful). I thought I was almost out of this way before I actually was. A little goes a long way with this so it took we awhile to get through the whole bottle. I first purchased this in January. This is perfect going to into the summer month if you like to be minimal on your makeup, especially foundation when you have a nice tan or have been a little sun kissed.

DSCN1905The last I also got in a Petit Vour box. This is the St. Tropoica Organic Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask. This did not fair so well on my hair. I have fine, thin hair and this took several washing to get out which left my hair feeling drier than it did before the mask. I love coconut oil and this was very easy to heat up and use but I think coconut oil is just to heavy for my hair. I am considering using coconut cream or coconut milk as an alternative.

The last half of my video I do go into some products that I passed along to my sister. They included some sample I got, Honest Hazel eye treatment, a mask by Shea Moisture, what I had left from last months art of organic box , a tinted moisturizer from 100% Pure that wasn’t my color, and a Pacifica Lip stick. Some products I love and some just weren’t for me.

Did you have any notable emptiest this past month?



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