Curly Hair 101: Hair Clips and the Rake & Shake Method

In this video I demo how to use hair clips to gain volume at your roots and the rake and shake method.

If you feel like the top of your head lays very flat and lacks volume then using hair clips while drying could really helps. I used great metal ones I found at Marshalls fo $5. You can by the Deva Curl Clips for $14 or similar ones at Sally’s for $3.

Ouidad can be credited with the Rake & Shake method. This method is another way to apply product to your hair. I usually use the praying hands method but as my hair is getting longer and I am losing volume and length, I decided to try something new.

DSCN2247.JPGWith the method you section off your hair and apply the product by raking it in with your fingers. Once you have raked it  few times you grasp your hair at the ends and shake vigorously. The raking distributes the product and the shaking reclumps your hair together. I like to the scrunch my hair upwards after I have shaken it. For products I used the Cheeky Curls Lemon Curl Custard. When I started to do this method I though that I would turn out with long waves because to raking out my curls. I decided to dry plop my hair for a bit to help the curls. That worked out well. I dry plopped for about 20 minutes. After I let me hair out of the plop, I applied the clips to my hair and then I diffused.  I didn’t love my first results as it took me a long time to scrunch out all the “crunch” from the product. These results worked great for second day hair though. The next time I did this method I didn’t have the issue of too much product as I sectioned off bigger pieces of hair. I continued to get great volume and great curl pattern with this method that I am not getting by using the praying hands method due to the length of my hair. What method do you use? Have you tried the rake and shake


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