Recent Skincare Review: Cleansers

In this video I review some of the recent cleansers I have been using. I have sense started oil cleansing and I am looking to use a cleansing oil or balm. For now, here are some products you can find in stores! None of these products take off my eye makeup. So before I used these, I removed my eye makeup with oil before cleansing the rest of my face with these.

Nourish Organics Organic Cleanser

face cleanserBy Far this is my favorite in the bunch. This is unscented, gentle, and none lathering. This was the first clean beauty product I purchased. I have repurchased this three times. I have moved on to experiment with oil cleansers but this is a staple and a great back up for me. I am contemplating using this is a second cleanse. (Confusing about oil cleansing and second cleansing? I was too, planned video coming up!). This product is more of a liquid gel type. It has coconut oil and watercress. It is gentle and leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished.


Andalou Naturals Cleansing Milk


This was my least favorite cleanser. I got this in the Whole Foods Promo Bag. This was the trial size. I love Andalou Naturals but this cleansing milk was a bust for me. It left like I was using lotion to clean my face. It was non lathering and gentle. I didn’t care for the smell, it was a bit too sweet smelling for me. This might work well for someone but it just wasn’t what I was looking for.



100% Pure Argan Cleansing Cream

DSCN2301The was another product I really enjoyed. This is similar to the Nourish Organic cleanser. The consistency is a bit thicker which I really enjoyed. This also doesn’t lather and is gentle. My most favorite thing about this cleanser is the cooling feeling it gives in the skin. That was also its downfall for me as it was rather uncomfortable around my eyes when I used it due to its cooling nature. As long as I avoid my eyes I am safe but I do really enjoying massaging my eyes with the cleanser I am using.  That would be the only reason this would be my second favorite on this list.


Acure Cleansing Gel


Last is a cleanser by Acure. I picked this up without reading it. This is for normal to oily skin. I have normal to dry skin. This is a true gel cleanser. It does lather but surprisingly was still gentle and did not strip my skin. This has a nice clean scent to it and I do really enjoy the consistency. I am trying to stick with gentle cleansers that are non lathering so that is the only reason I would not repurchase. If you have normal to oily skin and enjoy mild lather this could really be for you!


YouTube Channels/Brands Mentioned:

Stark Skin Care: YouTube / Official Site

Jordan Samuel Skin: YouTube / Official Site


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