Curly Hair 101: Refreshing 2nd Day Curls

For the next installment in our curly hair 101 series we are going to cover refreshing 2nd day curls. Many curlies can get 2-4 days out of curls. I have a demo of my 2nd day curls first thing in the morning, how I refresh them, and how they turn out!

There are many different ways to refresh curls but my go to has been spritzing with water, scrunching, and air drying. I do not always wear my hair in a pineapple but I get the best next day curls when I do. In the morning I let down my hair out of the pineapple and then I go into spritzing or ‘refreshing’.

There are refreshing sprays on the market or you can make your own. Many people use a few drops of essentials oils like tea tree, rosemary, or lavender. Then others diluted some product or leave in. This is an area you surly need to play around in. My word of advice is to start simple and build from there if you aren’t getting  the results you want. I generally only use water.

Depending on  how my curls look I might just spritz a little all over or if I really need a fresh start I will get my hair very damp.There are times after I have spritzed that I will scrunch in a little product. I will spray some of Cheeky Curls Volumizer on to my roots for some added volume and texture.

From here I will rescrunch with a micro fiber towel. Depending on how my roots are looking I will insert clips and then I air dry. You can always try and diffuse but if you have issues with frizz, I would first see how your hair fairs with air drying as diffusing can add extra frizz. This process can be repeated for the 3rd and 4th day.

How many days can you get out of  your curls? Have you used this method? If so, what do you use to refresh your hair? I would love to hear what cocktails you come up with!



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