Curly Hair 101: Conditioning & Hair Oil

I would like to share with you a few extra ways I take care of my hair when it comes to conditioning, moisturizing, and just some regular maintenance.

Deep Conditioning

As far as deep conditioning goes I know  there is a lot of people who are very religious and rigorous about the deep conditioning treatments. There are a lot out there on the market but my advice to you is start in  your kitchen. I have fine hair and I haven’t needed to much as far as deep treatments go. In all honestly I am a bit lazy and forgetful so thankfully my hair hasn’t demanded more of what I have given. If I ever buy deep conditioners I go with the sample packs from Sally’s or from Target. I pick some up whenever I see them on sale and  they work out just fine. I usually put a deep conditioner on over night the night before I plan on shampooing or, how it usually goes, a bit before I shampoo. I then shampoo and condition as I regularly do.

Coconut oil has not faired well for my hair. I have to shampoo it out at least two times to get it all out and it leaves my hair feeling less moisturized than before the treatment. I have, however, had much luck using coconut cream or milk from the can, I like the Trader Joe’s can. I only need about 1/4 – 1/2 cup of it and I paint it on my hair with my hands. It is affordable and multipurpose as I love it in my coffee.

If you have straightening your hair, shampooed your hair often, or never deep conditioned I would give it a try for sure. If you find  you have dry hair and your big issue is frizz, start doing a weekly treatment. Once you have it down or you are satisfied I would back off and just listen to what you hair needs. There is such a thing as over moisturizing.

Hair Oils

Now for me, using hair oils is much easier for me to remember to do and is much quicker as opposed to deep conditioning treatments. It is possible to implement both but if we are being honest I do not have the time or energy. If I am starting to see the need I will adjust but I will ride the low maintenance train as long as I can. I usually have a couple different scalp/hair oils in my bathroom. If I know that I am going to be shampooing the next morning, I will massage a few drops into my scalp and scrunch some into  the ends of my hair. I usually don’t think about it till before my shower on the day of and that seems to work well too. I have even applied some (less than if I was about to shower) on my scalp and ends. First by rubbing it into my hands, then massaging my scalp a bit, and then I will scrunch in the rest to my ends. For that technique I am using maybe 5 drops as opposed to a few dropped applied directly onto my scalp if I were about to shampoo it out. Here are some oils to consider.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a great oil that many use to regrow hair. I have been using it only on my eye brows as it is very thick and I am afraid I will need to shampoo it out like I do coconut oil so I prefer to have some castor oil in a blend instead of alone.

Hair & Scalp Serum

This included castor oil, it also has some great essential oils like rosemary and lavender that is great for your scalp and your hair. This is lightweight and the oil of choice for my pre-poo as it comes with a dropper that helps me get the oil directly to my scalp. The scent on this is light but very refreshing as it smells most notably of rosemary. I also like to use this one on my ends on my scalp when I  think of it. It is lightweight enough that it doesn’t leave my hair looking greasy if I am not washing it out.

Good Medicine Wild Care Hair Oil

This is a new oil blend I am currently trying out. This smells stronger than the Hair & Scalp Serum. This included ku kui, carrot seed and jojoba oil.


Root Lifters

I don’t know a curly girl who doesn’t love volume. Especially on my second and third day hair my roots start to get a little flat. Sometimes even on first day hair (hence the hair clips while drying). I like to apply some root lifter to help with the volume at my roots. There are two I have in rotation. These sprays give some good texture. I like to apply at my roots, move my head around to distribute, and then I shake my roots with my fingers or a pick and that builds up some good volume.

Shea Moisture Root Lifting Spray

This bottle comes with a very helpful applicator that helps you get it right to your roots. This has a beautiful smell. I first tried this as the bottle instructs, onto damp hair, and I noticed nothing. A friend suggested to try it on dry hair and that’s when I noticed the change.

Cheeky Curls Rose Curl Volumizer

This one is my favorite. It gives great texture without the sticky feeling and provides lovely hold.

Do you currently use any products similar to this? What is your conditioning routine like? Are you very regimented or are you more easy going with how often you do these types of treatments?


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