The Oil Cleansing Method


After my review of cleansers I decided to try my hand at oil cleansing. I had heard about it and watched a few videos on it previously but I don’t think I full grasped the concept. Oil cleansing is a way to cleanse your skin. You heard me right, oil.  Similar to how us curly girls don’t shampoo our hair (and if we do its sparingly) because it strips our scalp of oils, and thus leading to an overproduction of oils. This same concept is applied to our face. We can use oil to help clean our face as oil is the best substance to clean up and breakdown the oils on our face. Its like co-washing for your face.

I have normal to dry skin. I would use a physical exfoliator to treat the dry patches on my skin. I have no issues with my skin, its fairly normal but anyone can do this method. It is believed  that cleansing is the single most important step in your skincare routine. This really sets the stage and foundation for the rest of your routine. Since implementing this method I have gotten tons of compliments, comments, and questions about what I am doing to my skin. This has never happened in my life so I knew I was onto something.

There are particular oils you should use and there do happen to be oil cleansers on the market but after watching Sarah from Holistic Habits, I wanted to give the DIY route a try since I had much of what I needed on hand.

You should always start with a base of castor oil. We have all read about castor oil in beauty and how beneficial it is. This oil is extremely deep cleaning and will help really break down things in you pores. This oil can be drying so if you have dry skin I would use less and if  you have oily skin you can use more. In her recipe she uses 30% castor oil as a starting point.

I adjusted my recipe from what she had to 30% avocado oil and 30% almond oil. I had these both on hand and I know my skin loves these oils They are light and very nourishing to the skin. Renee from Gothamista has a great video on what oils you should use on your face for your skin type. Even if you have oily skin you can use this method.

The last 10-20% can be used for specialty oils. You can add specialty or essential oils or more for scents or to target specific issues with your skin. I had a bottle of face oil that included many great oils so I used that as my last 10%.

I use about 5-6 pumps, swipe a long my hands and then I massage into my skin. I don’t wear much makeup at all anymore (honestly thanks to oil cleansing)  so this is the only cleansing I do. If you wear spf, long wearing makeup, or just a good amount of makeup in general you may want to consider a double cleanse. Caroline Hirons is the queen of skincare an has a great quick video demoing that here. Essentially you want to remove your makeup with an oil or a balm and follow up with an oil, gel, or non foaming cleanser. So far the one cleanse works for me so I am sticking with that until I find the need to adjust.

After I have massaged it into my skin and giving my face about a minute massage, this is also great for your skin, with the oil I take a hot washcloth that I’ve rung out, and I lay in on my face. The steam fro the cloth helps to break down the oil making it easy to wipe off. My face isn’t left feeling oily at all and I go right into the next step of my skincare routine.

Some people state that they have a little bit of an adjustment period when starting this method. If that is you know that is normal and should be minor and will pass. I am not a dermatologist of an esthetician so if you are under the care of one or you have sever skin problem be sure to discuss this method with them before trying.




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