EVOLVh: WonderBalm & SmartCurl Second Impressions

After my last post about my interactions with EVOLVh and their response to my first impressions review on the WonderBalm, I wanted to give a proper second impressions review. On my next wash day I did exactly as I did before but this time I spritzed in a leave-in and applied half the amount of the WonderBalm as I did the first time. This was at the advice of EVOLVh. I also made sure my hair was really clumped up before I put the product on. This is a difference for me as I do really clump my curls as I rinse out conditioner but I hadn’t realized I also get more lumps when I apply product. So this time my curls were clumped properly before adding the product and I also took the bit of the balm, smoothed evenly in my hands and applied my scrunching from tip to roots throughout my hair. This was worked much better as opposed to the praying hands method which I think dispersed too much in the wrong spots.I simply plopped for 30-45 minutes, air dried for 10-15 minutes then diffused for 5 minutes. Because of the minimal products my hair dried incredibly fast!


I got 4 great days of curls with minimal refreshing. I was shocked at the difference and that it took hardly any product to style my hair with the balm. My curls where defined but tighter. They weren’t big clumped curls, they were tighter curls but moveable and defined. Since I had such a great experience I recreated my success in my latest video. The only difference was that I used their SmartVolume leave in conditioner. This added volume and fluff giving me even better results.

Also it should be noted that I do indeed know how my hair fairies with zero product. Several months ago I did a #barehairchallenge challenging me and my curl friends to style their hair with no products for a host of reasons. My hair felt great but without product it’s flat and loses its curl rather quickly. I’m not even more glad I did that challenge because I would still be skeptical over that tiny amount of product without knowing what my hair does alone.

Check out the video below!!

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