Innersense I Create Volume Volumizing Lotion Review

  The Innersense I Create Volume Volumizing Lotion is a very fun product to have if you love layering and mixing up our own routine. I love to have a very simple routine with only one or two products, I am a minimalist for sure, but there are days I like to see what I [...]


Innersense Whipped Creme Texturizer Product Review

I have gotten lots of questions about the Innersense Whipped Creme Texturizer. It is the first product I tried of Innersense and the next product I will be reviewing. Innersense has two creams, the Whipped Creme Texturizer and the Quiet Clam Control Curl Cream. The Quiet Calm Control Cream has proven to be a bit [...]

Current Everyday AM Skincare Routine

  I get lots of questions about my skincare routine. To be honest I have never had issues with my skin. I had been starting to experience over all dullness and dry patches or texture. You could really see it when I wore makeup. So I decided to focus on skincare instead of makeup and [...]

Innersense I Create Hold Gel Review

The next product in the Innersense line that I am reviewing is the I Create Hold Gel. Gel is such a staple styling product. Men and women alike often use gel so it is an important product to have especially for curly girls. We have already reviewed the I Create Lift Volumizing Foam which offers [...]

Controlled Chaos Curl Cream Review

Chances are if you are a curly girl you have seen Controlled Chaos popping up on facebook or even TV since they were featured on Shark Tank. I had my eye on them and then one day a promo to get a free sample came up, all I had to do was pay $5 in [...]

December Wrap Up & Current Favorites

December is over and so is 2017! This past month I finished up my EVOLVh brand review that included demos and a full wrap up of the line. I got to review and demo the Canadian brand Calia. Their conditioners has been a recent favorite as well. I am planning on doing  the same with Innersense [...]

My Current Go-To Curly Hair Routine

I have been trying out so many new and different products for my hair but on days that I have nothing new to try, I have been having the same routine and it has been working so well. Not only do I like how my hair looks, but also how it feels. Here are the [...]