Etsy Find Review: Simply Curls Co

  One of my first clean hair finds was over a year ago on Etsy. I browse Etsy regularly because I love that there are so many small businesses at my finger tips. In a recent poll on my Instagram my followers said they wanted me to find more and here we are! There are [...]


Innersense Brand Review

Innersense Organic Beauty was one of the first brands I used when switching to green beauty. I have to say I have really enjoyed using all their products and I apprentice their clean, beautifully crafted products. The have a nice range of products that I think suits any hair type. I do love how much [...]

EVOLVh Brand Overview

It is time to wrap up our review of the EVOLVh line. It you have been following me for the last couple months you will recall my first impressions of their products. I had previsouy tried their shampoo and conditioner. Then a couple months ago after the launch of their new WonderBalm they had a [...]

EVOLVh Ultimate Styling Lotion Review

We have  reviewed and then successfully used the EVOLVh Wonderbalm. EVOLVh was wonderful enough to share with me samples from their whole line so I would like to use and review each of them. All will be done in the same fashion as the  Next up is the Ultimate Styling Lotion. This is touted as [...]

Curly Hair 101: Refreshing 2nd Day Curls For the next installment in our curly hair 101 series we are going to cover refreshing 2nd day curls. Many curlies can get 2-4 days out of curls. I have a demo of my 2nd day curls first thing in the morning, how I refresh them, and how they turn out! There are many [...]

Curly 101: Styling Products and Methods

Here is the video and demo of me washing my hair. I cover all that is written below but I have it written out for you to reference and if you prefer to read it. At the bottom of links of suggested products to try. I had every intention of putting a couple different demos of [...]