EVOLVh: WonderBalm & SmartCurl Second Impressions

After my last post about my interactions with EVOLVh and their response to my first impressions review on the WonderBalm, I wanted to give a proper second impressions review. On my next wash day I did exactly as I did before but this time I spritzed in a leave-in and applied half the amount of [...]


Single Ingredient Spotlight: Flax Seed

https://youtu.be/JZuLil6ozYE   In our next video using a single ingredient we use flax seed. I am sure many of you may have seen a DIY on flax seed gel. It is very easy, affordable, and clean. In the video linked above I show you how I make the gel, use it in my hair, and [...]

Single Ingredient Spotlight: Slippery Elm

https://youtu.be/e1LaWOaW47s In this video I discuss and demo slippery elm, how I prepare it, and how I apply it to my hair.  This is another humectant but surprisingly I had different  results thank expected. Click the link above to watch and see why!

Curly Hair 101: Refreshing 2nd Day Curls

https://youtu.be/HwbfEpt7U_Q For the next installment in our curly hair 101 series we are going to cover refreshing 2nd day curls. Many curlies can get 2-4 days out of curls. I have a demo of my 2nd day curls first thing in the morning, how I refresh them, and how they turn out! There are many [...]

Curly Hair : Products & Styling Part II

This week's video is part two of products and styling. I touch more of products as far as. I will link all the products I mention below. I  then include a demo of me using a curl cream and then a gel. I then air dry my hair and show you how to properly finish it. The biggest [...]