Curly Hair 101: Conditioning & Hair Oil I would like to share with you a few extra ways I take care of my hair when it comes to conditioning, moisturizing, and just some regular maintenance. Deep Conditioning As far as deep conditioning goes I know  there is a lot of people who are very religious and rigorous about the deep conditioning [...]


April Empties

Here are some recent empties of mine. In the video I discuss the same points I do here but I do go into other products that I am passing along to my sister that did not work so well for me and a couple I loved that I wanted her to try.   The [...]

Recent Empties

I have acquired a little stash of empty containers from the new products I have been trying so I thought I would give some impressions on them and some alternative buys. Acure Leave-In Conditioner: I love Acure's hair care line. It is super affordable and very clean. I picked up this leave in to mostly [...]