Flourish Natural Body Care: First Impressions

I am so excited to review this line. Flourish Natural Body Care is a brand out of Vermont. The owner, Kirsten, is a former Waldorf teacher and soap maker. She created Flourish out of the need for better products with better ingredients. She offers a whole range of body and hair care products. I am [...]


Innersense Brand Review

Innersense Organic Beauty was one of the first brands I used when switching to green beauty. I have to say I have really enjoyed using all their products and I apprentice their clean, beautifully crafted products. The have a nice range of products that I think suits any hair type. I do love how much [...]

Current Everyday AM Skincare Routine

  I get lots of questions about my skincare routine. To be honest I have never had issues with my skin. I had been starting to experience over all dullness and dry patches or texture. You could really see it when I wore makeup. So I decided to focus on skincare instead of makeup and [...]

EVOLVh Brand Overview

It is time to wrap up our review of the EVOLVh line. It you have been following me for the last couple months you will recall my first impressions of their products. I had previsouy tried their shampoo and conditioner. Then a couple months ago after the launch of their new WonderBalm they had a [...]

Recent Skincare Review: Cleansers

In this video I review some of the recent cleansers I have been using. I have sense started oil cleansing and I am looking to use a cleansing oil or balm. For now, here are some products you can find in stores! None of these products take off my eye makeup. So before I used [...]

Toxic Beauty

I am still very new to green/eco/clean beauty. Very simply, there are tons of chemicals used in everyday products. The dangers of chemicals in skincare and makeup is that 80% of what we put on our body, is absorbed into it. This can affect our hormones and allergies, trigger eczema, cause skin and eye irritation, [...]